MU offers management and consulting services in the production of “turnkey” murals. Our services can be retained by a community, an artist with a project, a corporate citizen, the City of Montreal and/or its boroughs, real estate promoters, architectural firms, urban designers and more. MU commits to taking over all aspects linked to the production of murals, such as:

  • Finding funds (total or partial);
  • Artistic direction;
  • Recruitment of mural artists and an artistic team;
  • Scouting of walls and negotiations with the owners of the walls;
  • Relationship-building with the city and the boroughs;
  • Advisory process with the neighbouring community;
  • Training/intervention process with local youth via mural art workshops;
  • Logistics linked with the production site (permits, insurance, materials, etc.);
  • Preparation of the wall (cleaning and repairs) to assure the longevity of the mural;
  • Public relations and the inauguration of the mural;
  • Maintenance of the mural.

They  may take several forms, whether they are pictorial, figurative, abstract, educational, or hyper-realist, MU murals are unique, as much by their aesthetic variety as by their creative process and their flexible production. In fact, the variables inherent in each project are many and subsequently will have an impact on costs. For example: the site of the mural, the state and appearance of the wall, the complexity of the mock-up , the particularities of the neighbourhood (challenges, community, and local groups).

MU also offers mural art workshops in schools. To know more…