The Mutants: an agile, creative, respectful, authentic, committed, and inspiring gang who create beauty and do good through art.

Elizabeth-Ann Doyle,
General and Artistic Director, CEO

Julie Émond,

Deputy General Director

Corinne Lachance, Production Director

Stéphanie Harel, Education Manager

Annie Lecompte-Chauvin, Administration & Personal Information Protection Manager

Julie Carlier, Communication Manager

Jeanne Bertoux, Production Manager

Mathieu Lavoie, Production Worker

Ambre Castel,
Assistant Director

Olivier Bousquet,
Art, Photography and Communication

Loïk Asselin-Côté,
Production and Education Assistant


Diane Roe

Julien Sicre

Julie Legault-Béliveau

Rocio Perez

Amina Mandour

Fanny Labbé

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