Give back to Montreal

“Culture is a major contributor to our city’s development, whether by contributing to social unity, strengthening Montreal’s identity or generating economic activity”*

MU offers businesses a way to invest in the Montreal cultural milieu by supporting one or more mural art projects. True works of art that stand out across the city, MU wall murals are privileged opportunities for corporate citizens to give from the heart to the city and its people.

Sponsorships and donations

By financing artistic and social projects by MU, you will be giving back to the community and you will be contributing to an artistic intervention that aims to give access to the arts and to use the arts as a vector for social change. Your support can take the form of a donation or through a cash or goods and services sponsorship. Become the sponsor of one mural, a series of murals or of one of our youth workshops. Additionally, you can offer MU a sponsorship in goods & services. We constantly have a need for artistic material and computer equipment, printing and catering services, and equipment rentals (scaffolding, fencing, baskets) etc.

Supporting artistic and cultural expression in Montreal brings the city’s identity to life, celebrates its beauty and contributes to its economic and social development. Investing in an artistic organization like MU is like offering a special gift to all of Montreal.

* From The Art of Investing in Culture, A Guide for Business people, published by the Montreal Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce.

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