On the occasion of Women’s Day (March 8th), we are particularly proud to emphasize a few facts about MU. Our organization :

  • was cofounded by women.
  • is runned by an all-women team : general and artistic director, administration and communications director, project managers and art educator.
  • is stewarded by a board with a 50-50 gender split and a woman president.
  • worked with six women muralists (below).
  • offered contracts (muralist-assistants, cultural mediators, etc.) to more than 25 women.
  • honored three women artists as part of its mural series Les bâtisseurs culturels montréalais.
  • produced a mural in honor of the King’s and several other murals evoking women.
  • won the Feminine Entrepreneur Prize awarded by the 2008 Quebec Entrepreneur Contest and FORCES Prize of the 2007 Feminine Entrepreneur Challenge

That being said, women are unfortunately still unknown and very too few in the mural art scene. Discover some pioneers who are paving the way around the world :


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