Le courant – 2020

Avenue du Mont-Royal entre Saint-Laurent et Chapleau
Rafael Sottolichio
Antoine Claes
Caitlin McDonagh
Alix et Ted
Cyndie Belhumeur
Gentil Crew
Gentil Crew
Isabelle Duguay
Jason Botkin
Kevin Ledo
Lorelei L'Affeter
Octavio Rüest-Santes
Omar Bernal
Rafael Sottolichio
River June


Just like a stream, Mont-Royal Avenue generates movement and ideas, it rushes to the rhythms of its merchants, residents and visitors. It swells with a constant flow of activities and fills those who walk along it with energy and creativity. In the summer of 2020, MU created a ground mural based on the avenue’s urban development plan for pedestrianization. The organization chose an artistic direction that echoes themes from the Grande Fresque de Nuit (RU), an urban reappropriation event that is emblematic of the district’s cultural activities.

With the goal of helping Montreal creators hit hard by the pandemic, MU called upon some thirty artists to create a monochromatic blue piece of asphalt art. It juxtaposes their unique styles in one continuous visual gesture on the theme of a flowing current. Each artist took on a section of the avenue and the result is a single work composed of thirty unique paintings. The artwork invites pedestrians to wander and discover, as if floating down a stream, from one street corner to the next. A true creative showcase for artists, this project confirms MU’s leadership in supporting Montreal’s artistic community.

Artists: Alix et Ted, Antoine Claes, Borrris, Bosny, Caitlin McDonagh, Christian Robert de Massy, Clarence Nolin-Quirion, Cyndie Belhumeur, Dominique Desbiens, Doras, Gentil Crew, Isabelle Duguay, Jason Botkin, Julian Palma, Kevin Ledo, Lorelei L’Affeter, Maliciouz, Octavio Rüest-Santes, Omar Bernal, Rafael Sottolichio, River June et Chado, Roadsworth, Romain Boz, Sbu One, Waxhead.

Avenue du Mont-Royal entre Saint-Laurent et Chapleau


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