Diane is a painter and art educator at MU.

She attended Concordia University and graduated in 2017 with a BFA in Visual Arts with a specialization in Community Art Education. She began a second BFA at Concordia in Print Media with a minor in Art History in 2020 to add knowledge to her art and teaching practice.

Since 2016, Diane has been working as a cultural mediator and art educator in institutions and organizations such as the MBAM, MU, Espace Transition and has worked with Fusion jeunesse.

She is represented as an artist by the company Artbangbang and has had several exhibitions in galleries in Montreal. She was part of the Lawayaka art residency in Panama in 2016, where she created a Mural mediation workshop with the village children as well as developed her research for her Perspective painting series.

Diane has a passion for visual art and its democratization for all. She believes in artistic curiosity and the power of developing critical thinking skills through visual art in young people. She believes that understanding and appreciating art in people helps them to express themselves better and create a common bond of community.

Her paintings are abstract, very colorful and vivid. Through the idea of textures and materials, they perfectly interpret her sunny and energetic personality!

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