Hommage à Daisy Peterson Sweeney – Kevin Ledo – 2018

1791 Rue Saint-Jacques Montréal, QC H3J 1G9 Kevin Ledo
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This is the fourth mural in a series celebrating jazz and exploring Little Burgundy’s musical heritage. Dedicated to Daisy Peterson Sweeney, older sister and first piano teacher to the acclaimed musician Oscar Peterson, it is also the twentieth in MU’s collection Montreal’s Great Artists, which highlights the creative minds and forces who have made outstanding contributions to Montreal’s cultural scene.

An accomplished pianist, Sweeney was the older sister and first piano teacher to the acclaimed musician, Oscar Peterson. She grew up in Montreal’s Little Burgundy neighborhood (called Saint-Henri at the time) and earned a music degree from McGill University. She is one of the most renowned teachers of the Black Community Center, where she gave piano, singing and music theory lessons. Many of her students, such as Oliver Jones, Joe Sealy, Reg Wilson and Ken Skinner, Jr, went on to have accomplished music careers. Along with Trevor Payne, Sweeney co-founded, Montreal’s Black Community Youth Choir (1974-1981) of the Union United Church which, in 1982, became the Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir. This mural recognizes Daisy Peterson Sweeney’s profound influence on Montreal’s musical life and quietly made a huge difference in the world.

1791 Rue Saint-Jacques Montréal, QC H3J 1G9



About the artist

Kevin Ledo

Kevin Ledo is a Montreal-based artist renowned for the quality and the realism of his portraits. His talents grant him many invitations to create murals...
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