5650 Rue Jean-Talon EST, Saint-Léonard, QC H1S 1M1 William Daniel Buller
MU_SDC JEAN-TALON EST_2023_Mediation_CreditsphotoJulieEmond
MU_SDC JEAN-TALON EST_2023_Mediation_CreditsphotoJulieEmond4


The mural Transparence, located on Jean-Talon Street East, pays homage to the Italian heritage of Saint-Léonard. Dan Buller, the artist, reused the visual identities of the City of Montreal, the Montreal metro as well as the borough of Saint-Léonard, reimagined through the lens of Italian design movements. The large shapes and bright colors reflect the vibrant energy of the region and its inhabitants, describing the plurality of experiences and cultures, the multiculturalism and the social diversity of Saint-Léonard.

The artist took his repurposed logo designs and abstracted them further by enlarging them into the proportional wall model, striking a balance between the abstraction of the images, while retaining their original visual meaning. The result is a large wash of bright colors that remains readable as a cohesive design.

This mural is part of a process of dynamizing and revitalizing the neighborhood, while engaging citizens in their living environment. Mediation activities also took place with neighborhood residents.

5650 Rue Jean-Talon EST, Saint-Léonard


About the artist

William Daniel Buller

William Daniel Buller spent over a decade as a member of the internationally known Heavyweight art collective, specialized in tribute portraits of public figures, particularly those...
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