“I started drawing when I was a child and, as a teenager, got impassioned by optical illusions, classical figurative art and graffiti, in that order. I then began painting murals before going into Fine Arts in CÉGEP. Afterwards, I worked in a scenic painting studio and several Montréal galleries where I worked as much with commercial works as community focused ones. I then opened a gallery with friends before returning to school and completing a printmaking degree between NSCAD and Concordia. I have since exhibited works and painted murals across Canada as well as in the USA.

What I am fascinated by are the different methods which can be employed in order to create an image. We are acclimatized to seeing images on screens or printed matter, yet there are far more extant processes. Often, by playing with expectations and new methods of image-making, it becomes possible to surprise and even instill a sense of marvel in onlookers.”


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