Spirale des possibles – 2009-2010 – Laurence Petit

Habitations Jeanne-Mance, 200, rue Ontario Est (côté boul. de Maisonneuve E), Montréal Laurence Petit


This collective mosaic mural project was conceived under the supervision of mosaic artist Laurence Petit in effort to involve the residents of the Habitations Jeanne-Mance (HJM) in the embellishment of their home environment. Throughout two consecutive summers, the residents were invited to participate in the project by creating mosaic elements that were later integrated to the global 125 feet wide mural. More than 850 residents took part in the project — especially the elderly, young children and immigrant families, a resounding success from an intercultural and intergenerational standpoint. The residents’ contribution to the mural is also evident in the various mosaic elements that contain their old ceramic dishware

The given theme for all the work at the Habitations Jeanne-Mance was “nature and vegetation”. This artistic guideline was developed with the collaboration of the HJM as part of a global improvement plan whose aim is to position the complex as the green heart of the downtown area. The design of the mural is greatly inspired by the work of artist and architect, Hundertswasser.

Graphic designer and illustrator Christian Robert de Massy designed the sketch used for the mural. Fannie Bertrand, Awa Dembele-Yeno, Corinne Lachance, Renaud Payant-Hébert and Caroline Simard assisted the mosaic artist throughout the completion of the mural and the mosaic workshops.

This project benefited financial support from, among others (below), the Ministry of Culture, Communications and Status of Women of Québec and the City of Montreal in the context of the Agreement on the Cultural Development of Montreal 2008-2011.


About the artist

Laurence Petit

Laurence Petit has directed l’Atelier Gogofrisette since 2007. Self-taught, she perfected and developed her technique with l’Atelier Phébus in 2005, with Isaiah Zagar in Philadelphia in...
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