MSHL, pronounced Michel, of French origin, arrived in Montreal at the end of the winter of 2009, is a self-taught artist who does everything. Graffiti artist, illustrator, regularly selected and sometimes awarded (2015-2017) at UQAM’s Dérapage video festival, produces and directs fanzines under the entity LEOPP. MSHL has also been working since April 2017 at MU as an art educator and production assistant. He was able to work on large projects such as the Leonard Cohen tribute mural, led the team of assistants for Ilana Pichon’s “Strates” mural on the Énergir CCU building, and was in charge of the Marcelle Ferron tribute mural in Outremont. He realized his first mural for MU in 2020 with Bosny. In 2021, he will create the Vivace mural, located on the Cheval Blanc brewery at the corner of Ontario and Saint-Hubert.

MSHL is part of the Gentil Crew collective.

He favors the spontaneous gesture, a line in the hand has more story to tell than a line drawn with a ruler. When he works on a wall, everything can influence the result: the texture of the wall, the smells of the surroundings, the atmosphere.

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